Connect Hendricks: A New Dawn in Local Journalism

Founded on a rich legacy of community-focused reporting, Connect Hendricks emerged in the wake of The Hendricks County ICON’s renowned journalistic tradition. Launched under the visionary guidance of our Publisher, Catherine Myers, we’re dedicated to bringing fresh perspectives and relevant content to the vibrant communities of Hendricks County.

Initiated in November 2023, Connect Hendricks is a name that resonates with integrity, commitment, and community engagement. Our mission is to deliver meaningful and actionable content to our readers, ensuring that we reach those who are not just readers but active contributors to the county’s thriving landscape.

With a strong monthly circulation, we directly reach households and businesses across Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, and Plainfield. Each issue is a testament to our dedication to quality, relevance, and the pulse of Hendricks County.

Your stories, insights, and news matter to us. To share information, submit news, or simply get in touch, please email us at [] or call [phone].