Brownsburg High School Construction Update

Brownsburg High School construction 2023

Final approvals for future BHS projects were received by the School Board on February 27, 2023 and construction began in May. These projects will be completed with no tax rate increase to Brownsburg taxpayers.  In fact, Brownsburg Community School Corporation (BCSC) has lowered the school tax rate for 12 consecutive years. 

The first step was a ditch relocation project that was completed this summer.  This important step allows the additional projects to move forward. The anticipated completion date for the overall project is December 2026.

Brownsburg Senior Academy Expansion Project Underway

The upcoming building projects include:

  • Renovation & Expansion of Senior Academy
  • Relocation and Expansion of Senior Academy Cafeteria & Dining Room
  • Connection of Senior Academy to Main Building on 2nd Floor
  • Addition of new Fieldhouse Facility
  • Renovation of 2003 Pool Facility
  • Renovation of 2001 Varsity Gymnasium
New BHS Cafeteria Under Construction

The BHS Senior Academy was originally built for a senior class of 600 in 2006.  The expansion will be able to serve classes of 1,000.  The old cafeteria could accommodate 600 students and the new café will be able to seat up to 1,000.  The current BHS freshman class has nearly 900 students.  Overall, the renovation and expansion of the Senior Academy will expand the total number of teaching stations at BHS: 

Pre-2017 = 124 teaching stations
Current = 177
Upon project completion = 221

In addition to the work done on the building, significant site work will be completed to improve the pick-up/drop off procedures at BHS and increase the number of parking spaces.  A new parking lot will open after Thanksgiving to add 600 campus parking spaces.  Additional site work:

  • Relocation of drainage ditch (Completed Summer 23)
  • Reconfiguration of parent drop-off/pick-up process
  • Practice football/Lacrosse/band field relocated
  • Band practice area relocated

Expansion of parking capacity: 

Current total capacity = 1,574 spaces
Upon project completion = 2,117 spaces

3-D Rendering Brownsburg High School’s New Fieldhouse

Construction on the new fieldhouse facility has begun on the north side of the building.  This new facility will add 4 full size basketball courts and an 8-lane, 200-meter indoor track.  BHS is the only high school with over 1,000 students in Hendricks County without a fieldhouse facility and the last school in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference to add this space.  Avon and Plainfield have been utilizing their fieldhouse facilities for nearly 20 years.  The current gym has two additional auxiliary gyms.  With 753 students taking physical education at BHS each day, these spaces are consistently full.  Practices for BHS athletics can sometimes go late into the night to allow for all of the teams to get court time.   The current freshman basketball teams sometimes practice at Eagle Elementary because of lack of space.  

BHS is home of the defending IHSAA boys state track champions.  The boys and girls BHS track and field program is one of the largest and most successful in the state.  During the indoor portion of their season, the teams practice in the current BHS hallways and are unable to host a home meet.  

The current facilities also support students in other programs like winter percussion and color guard.  In order to simulate their competitive environments, they also schedule rehearsals in the current gym.  

Travel sports are a big part of the lives of the families in Brownsburg.  Without a fieldhouse facility, Brownsburg families are often traveling out of town or out of the county for games.  This takes dollars out of our community and away from our local businesses.  The new fieldhouse facility will allow BCSC to better support our local grassroots youth sports organizations.  

The school district’s athletic director, Drew Tower, shares, “Brownsburg has been tremendously supportive of the students and programs at BHS.  For example, this year’s football games saw an average of 5,000 fans in the stands.  We are extremely grateful that these new facilities will be able to serve this growing community and students of all ages for years to come.”

The BHS pool opened in 2003 and will be undergoing some much-needed renovations. The upgrades include:

  • Expansion of the pool to 25 yards wide, 50 meters in length, with 10 lanes
  • Replacement of pool equipment, including bulkheads, diving boards, starting blocks, ladders, etc.
  • Replacement of pool filtration equipment
  • Replacement of spectator seating
  • Replacement of lighting and installation of new HVAC equipment to improve pool room environment

Again, the anticipated completion date for the overall project is December 2026.  Find more information at