Dear Hendricks County Community,

Catherine Myers, Connect Hendricks

It brings me great joy to publish this new publication called Hendricks County Community CONNECT. I have spent the last 18 years in the news publication business, 16 of those with Rick Myers. Rick was not only inspirational, he loved to share his joy of community news publishing. Rick Myers taught me everything I know. Yes, I’ve gone through the Rick Myers school of journalism. While developing our community publication, Rick and I spent our first 10+ years eating rice and beans and frozen pizzas on Fridays. During that time there were no vacations for either of us. Everything we had was poured back into the business to make it successful. We didn’t plan a retirement fund or life insurance policy, as our community publication was our retirement fund and the life insurance policy. Rick always told me I have everything that is needed to run a great community publication if anything ever happened to him. With that, I’ve given everything I’ve had to running our community publication for the past two years without Rick. I’d say I even did a pretty good job. In 2022, we had a record profit year. Sadly, things change. One of those things is the ownership of what was Rick’s dream. As of now, the publication is under new ownership. It became clear to me that it was time to take Rick’s legacy in a different direction, and thus the Hendricks County Community CONNECT was created.  In this community publication, the legacy of Rick Myers will live on. As it lives on in my heart with each and every issue.

As I develop this new publication, I will continue to focus on all the aspects that make our county so great!

To you, our readers, I dedicate each and every issue to be a reflection of Hendricks County, a celebration of our community.


Catherine Myers

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